Vilnius Pranciskaus Skorinos Gymnasium

History of Gymnasium

Our Gymnasium opened its doors in Vilnius in 1994 - the only one in Lithuania for the Belarusian teaching language.

Our school was reorganized into Vilnius Pranciskaus Skorinos Gymnasium on 15 February, 2013 by the decision of the municipal council of Vilnius City.

Our gymnasium is a municipal budget institution. The educational process is carried out in accordance with the general programs of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts. The main teaching language is Belarusian, however, some subjects are taught in Lithuanian. Our gymnasium enrolls students in Grades 1 to 12.

There has been a pre-primary education group since September 2014.

Vilnius Pranciskaus Skorinos Gymnasium is open to innovation but emphasizes its uniqueness, the values ​​that society has cherished for centuries. It teaches us to think, live and create.


I walk slowly, but never walk backward. (Abraham Lincoln)


Gymnasium is an educational institution where everyone is interested in learning and being together.


Develop a learning organization, ensuring the personality and maturity of each learner, fostering an open, emotionally safe, creative and collaborative environment.


  • Personality development
  • Emotionally safe educational environment
  • Quality of education
  • Culture of dialogue and agreements


  • Collaboration – openness to dialogue, help, teamwork, everyone’s responsibility for Gymnasium progress.
  • Security – respectful relationships among community members in the work and educational environment that encourages creativity.
  • Openness – a learning gymnasium community is open to innovation and change.
  • Citizenship – conscious and responsible care of a free personality not only for oneself but also for their environment, community, Lithuanian and native language, traditions.
  • Continuous improvement - all members of the gymnasium community constantly seek to develop and improve their educational environment.

International projects

Comenius 2012-2014 -From Icarus to Interplanetary Travels

  • Countries Participants: Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, Portugal, Lithuania
  • Project Coordinator: Armen Barsamyan

Erasmus + 2015-2018

  • Arts and Creativity
  • Countries Participants: Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Portugal. Cyprus, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania
  • Project Coordinator: Armen Barsamyan

Vilnius Pranciskaus Skorinos Gymnasium

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